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I've read through the thread and thought I had a good handle on how to use this addon in place of AD.  I'm a Kodi user that locally saves all artwork in movies and tv show individual folders.  I use MediaElch to create nfo files as well as select artwork from and

I configured the addon to automatically add new artwork for new videos, automatically add from file system only.  I also selected option to download all processed artwork to file system.

I set config to only process movies and disabled option for automatic processing for movie sets.

Under Movies I selected all the different art options

Then I ran the addon for the first time to add missing artwork to all videos.

I'm now trying to understand what I've done wrong because for some reason all banner, clearart, disc, landscape and logo images that were saved locally in each movie folder have been deleted.  I'm confused as the addon is supposed to only add missing artwork not delete anything.

I'm running it again but this time deselecting the option "automatically add from file system only" as I no longer have the files.  This should at lease repopulate my movie folders and then I'll use MediaElch to go through each of my movies (a large library) to check which image files have been selected as I like to choose from multiple selections rather than accepting the default.

It's annoying as I've spent a lot of time over the years handpicking images from but it could have been worse - I could have lost posters and fanart as well.

I'm just trying to understand how to configure the addon correctly when running it against your library so that this behaviour doesn't recur and prevent anyone else from making the same error.

Running the addon from the context menu for individual movies works like a charm.

EDIT - the addon is downloading and repopulating image files into the individual folders but the default naming convention has changed to filename-clearlogo, filename-clearart etc which is different to how I had been naming it in the past eg. logo, clearart etc.  Kodi still recognises the naming convention but I wasn't expecting this change.  It's an easy config change in MediaElch to apply the basefilename as part of the naming convention but this should be called out as media manager tools won't recognise filenames that don't match whatever has been set as the default config.
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