Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-02-07, 05:04)rmrector Wrote: If that series selection box isn't working right then that would cause those troubles. It works for me, though, so I'll need more info to narrow this down.

1. Does it only reset after rebooting Kodi, or is it reset after just saving the add-on settings, and reopening the settings and series selection?
2. Do any of the other add-on settings get reset?
3. How many series are you selecting?
4. If you are selecting more than 20 series, can you try just selecting a few, to see if they still reset?
5. Can you look in userdata/addon_settings/script.artwork.beef/settings.xml and post the value of the setting "autoaddepisodes_list"?

What version of Kodi are you using? And make sure you have the newest version of Artwork Beef (0.16.1 at the moment).
 1. As soon as I select an episode and go back in i.e. select episode, click ok, select yes or no to 'add missing episode artwork for newly selected series after add-on settings are closed' and then go back in to check settings
2. no - that's the only onle
3. I've tried everything from 1, to a couple to all 158
4. see above.  Maybe having 158 selected on first run messed it upHuh?
5.     <setting id="autoaddepisodes_list">311790</setting>

I was on 0.16.1 and Kodi 20180130 Win 64/Android 7a builds.  I've just updated 20180207 and the problem is still there
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