Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Hello, I'm replacing AD and found this wonderful addon. Smile


1. I use Universal Movie Scraper, in the latest versions it provides functions to download extra artwork. Should I disable these functions if I use this addon? I guess it doesn't make sense having both turned on.
2. I decided to delete all artwork files downloaded by AD. I used a bash script for that. It would have been very helpful for people who migrate from AD if there was a sort of "migration" feature that deletes all old files or renames them.
3. In the documentation, it would be really nice if you could explain all the options in settings. Many are pretty clear, othere are not. An explanation with advices would be good for newbies of this great addon.
4. I also decided to delete all artwork in the db by using the addon. Really good that you can choose subcategories (movies, series, music, etc.) but in my case I was looking for "All video", "All music", instead of going one by one.
5. While deleting, and waiting for the process to be completed, I noticed the upper right progress notification disappeared, so I thought it was completed and I launched anothere delete for another category, and when I did, 2 progress notifications appeared the previous one was not completed so the two where running in parallel. Is this by design? Does it slowdown the overal process?
6. For my main Kodi installation (I have a central NAS for all media which also hosts a central MySQL) I turned automatic mode on and download locally the artwork files. On other Kodis in other rooms, should I turn off automatic mode etc.? I guess they will use the cached files, right?

Thanks a lot for your great work. Smile
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