Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2017-09-03, 02:51)rmrector Wrote: Properly refresh items when the Kodi library is wiped and rebuilt. This prevents the wrong artwork for movie sets that @badaas encountered, but only for items added and updated after this version is installed. Anyone that currently has such mismatched movie set artwork, you MUST take a few steps to fix this:
  1. under "Program Add-ons" run "Artwork Beef", then select "Quick fix: Reset all movie set IDs"
  2. run "Artwork Beef" again, select "Remove specific type of artwork for ...", then "Sets ...", then "all: ####"
  3. run "Artwork Beef" one last time and select "add missing artwork for new items" (Beef will consider them new because they aren't in its private database)
I just followed your advice because I had issues with movie sets that were all UNMATCHED, and it seemed strange to me because the collection names were identical to TMDB ones (I double-checked all of them).
So I guessed it was something related to the db, and I followed your guide. But even after those 3 steps, after the 3rd one, here's what I see in the logs:
Quote:== 2018-02-13 17:21:21: Processing list automatically
2107 items in list - movie: 1, set: 290, episode: 1816
The sets are identified, artwork should already be present in the central directory (this is how I configured it when I installed it the first time), but when I check the library I see empty/default icon.
If I check if they are matched, using the specific function of AB, they are ALL still unmatched. Strange also that if I do a Select Artwork on each set, I am actually able to select artwork for that set, so that means it is actually matched. I also tried Add Artwork from context menu, and it works too. Obviously, I'd like to avoid this manual process for all sets, and I'd also like to understand why it doesn't load all artwork and reports all sets as unmatched.

A suggestion: while debugging this problem, I had to go back and forth to check the log that is under settings. It would be good if you could also put the check log in the menu of functions when AB is launched manually via addons/programs.
Thanks again for your great work and support on this, it is a great addon. Smile
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