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(2018-02-15, 07:06)rmrector Wrote: @Axel Foley 
1. Not a bad idea, if you disable all options it may save a duplicate request to (per movie) between the scraper and Artwork Beef.
2. No. No need to delete a bunch of files when migrating. I don't want to encourage folks to throw away all their perfectly good artwork to download fresh gigs from free providers.
3. Which options aren't clear? Describing all options would just make the documentation even larger and more likely that someone will miss some info they need.
4. I'll probably expand on that in time.
5. Kodi seems to be dropping that background progress dialog when it runs very long, I can't seem to do anything about it from the add-on. It wasn't intended to run two at a time.
6. Automatic only on one Kodi, as noted in the First usage documentation.

I'll need a debug log for the error.

Artwork Beef must process all items in the library, and when you reset all movie set IDs it has to process them all again. That looks like reasonable output for step 3. The process halts on a file system error with the movie, which could cause the sets to stay unmatched.

@MB1968 I'll need a debug log to investigate this error.
 3. In order to fully understand the logic of AB and the options, I had to go through all the pages of this thread to find your changelog posts in which you nicely comment why you introduced some options, sometimes responding to a user suggestion or feedback. It would be good for new users to have those comments in the documentation of the addon. Just a suggestion.
5. Since this notification issue seems to be related to Kodi more than the addon, could you check and prevent having tasks run two times? 
6. Here's the debug log for the fs error. - the name of the movie is 'Malèna' but the nfs action is on nfs://nas.axel.dom/volume1/video/Movies [ita]/Malena [2000, Giuseppe Tornatore]/

Regarding the sets: so the overall update process of new items could stop because of the fs error on that single movie? Didn't think about that. But AB does identify the sets, and I can see them in the Unmatched list. And if I update a single set via context menu function "Add Artwork" it downloads artwork perfectly and it removes that set from the unmatched list. Well, probably it didn't complete the process because of that fs error...could be. I'll try to fix it by renaming that directory to 'Malena' instead of 'Malèna', and see what happens.

UPDATE: I removed the movie from the library, and restarted AB for new items: it correctly processed all sets, and after that, it scanned all TV series episodes, tasks that it didn't complete before. So the nfs error was the issue. Smile
Now, I told Kodi to update the library, it found the movie 'Malèna', it got scraped, but then same AB error: it looks for the directory '/Malena' instead of '/Malèna' and can't find it. I don't know if it's an AB problem or the scraper that writes in the DB the wrong path converting the 'è' with an 'e'. I remember though that when I used AD it had no issue scraping artwork and writing it to the filesystem.

Thanks for your answers, your support is greatly appreciated.
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