Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-02-24, 04:47)rmrector Wrote: Animated artwork will come in the future.

@Dumyat That's a fairly wild assumption. There is no combination of settings or actions in Artwork Beef that will wipe out all of your image files, never mind "one wrong move" (barring a bug that I am unaware of, which screenshots of settings will not solve). Is there something in the documentation that suggests this is a looming threat? Backup your important files, this is the only way to protect them from any misbehaving software or broken hardware or misconfiguration that may adversely affect them.
Don't think I've made any wild assumptions, other than reading other users experiences in this thread:-
Here and here for instance, both reported within the last 5 pages of this thread.
Apologies if it's then not reasonable for me to maybe have some reservations, ask questions or make suggestions, that might help other users from experiencing the same thing happening to them. 'One wrong move' should not be interpreted as something negative or a slant against AB. That was certainly not the intention, but apologies again if that has been your own perception. I only ever try to contribute on this forum in a positive manner in the hope of helping and assisting other users.
My current media library is quite extensive, so would be very time consuming to fish out important files to protect, plus I don't really have enough free hard drive space to do that. I will put some media on my development machine and try AB there. I guess the instructions you have described here are still good to use?:-
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