Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Thanks for the great answer about episode art.

I have another question about how AB works across different clients, particularly with creating thumbs on clients with limited storage.  Here's my setup:

- all clients sharing a mysql database
- Windows PC on which I've set AB to auto-download all images and it downloads absolutely everything (discart, multiple fanart etc) to the media folders on my shared network folders.
- various Fire TV devices
- A Mibox 3 with pitiful storage.  I've set this to NOT automatically download images and  on the AB movies settings page I've unselected landscape, discart, selected only 1 fanart rather than multiple etc to try and save space

Where I'm confused is as follows.  When my Mibox 3 goes to the network folder e.g. movies/adults/captain america winter soldier and sees all the images downloaded by my Windows PC e.g. the landscape image in the folder,  does it still ignore it and not cache a thumbnail if landscape isn't selected in its AB settings or does Kodi take over regardless and still cache the landscape image?  I've tried testing it and it seems like AB controls which images are cached, but I'm not 100% certain particularly as they are all sharing a mysql database which contains all the image references

If AB is in control of the cache at a local level, then that's brilliant as I can have a richer library on clients that have the storage space and a less rich one on clients like the Mibox e.g. I've turned off discart in Estuary Mod 2, in the hope that the Mibox isn't caching those images.

I'm going to use texture cache to do a full thumbnail rebuild on the mibox tonight to see what happens, and play a bit with the AB settings
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