Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
@Dumyat Everything that I can imagine you need to start using it is in the documentation, and there is page titled First usage that has what I think you should know before or just after the first usage, if you want to modify its behavior beyond the basic idea in the first two sentences of the first post.

To copy just certain types of files with full directory structure (like jpg, png, and gif, the files Artwork Beef might delete or replace), try the selected answer here for Windows, or the top answer here for Linux/mac. The end result can easily be copied back over the full library should something happen that you don't like.

I will have a handful of related changes that may help: I have another change to file handling in the upcoming version that resolves a theoretical cause of unexpectedly deleted artwork, though I haven't come up with a practical way it could have happened. I will adjust the one setting that could affect existing artwork files so that it is disabled by default. I've revisited the text of a few of the other settings to hopefully make them clearer. I'll explicitly document the expected changes to existing artwork files, by default and with the few switches that affect them. I'll probably disable the automatic processing by default, then explicitly document that it must be enabled if desired. The default install will then do absolutely nothing automatically and won't affect files until you flip one of a few documented switches in the add-on settings. Beyond that, my suggestion is to use it to see how it works.

@Streggi with a shared MySQL database, the other clients only need Artwork Beef for manually changing artwork, if you want to do that on a different client. In that case you want each client configured to download artwork (so that the old file is replaced), just disable the "automatically add artwork" options on all but one. The options to select specific art types under "Automatically add these artwork types from web services" only apply to artwork automatically added from web services, so they won't change much of the behavior on the other clients.

Kodi handles caching on each client, caching images on a case-by-case basis only when each image is displayed by the skin (or requested through the API from something like TCMU or remote controls), so configuring your skin to limit the art types display should do what you want. TCMU will probably also need to be configured to only cache specific art types for that one client (rather than all art types in the rich shared library), and also probably has a mode that can be run periodically to remove the other art types that may occasionally sneak their way in.
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