Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
@manfeed Yup, Artwork Beef caches results for 72 hours. I've considered lowering it to 24 hours, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

@o0nightfire0o Could be that AB isn't actually setting clearlogo properly. Open the info dialog and then "Choose art", and see if there is a "clearlogo" image visible for a few popular movies and TV shows (and have images available on
If it isn't, something is probably up with Artwork Beef. First check that the "clearlogo" artwork is enabled in settings for that particular media type. If no artwork is found for any art types then your media may not have an IMDB or other unique ID. In this case make sure your scrapers are up to date, refresh the media item and run Artwork Beef on that item to see if it is available.
If the artwork is visible in the "Choose art" dialog, then the skin likely isn't pulling up logos correctly. They should be using something like `ListItem.Art(clearlogo)` for the list items.

@Kokonutcreme Without any hard details I can't say for certain what happened or know for certain if I have it fixed, but I have added a few changes that should help. It's doubly confusing that it didn't affect posters and fanart.
If Artwork Beef isn't finding any artwork for certain media items, it is probably because of a missing IMDB or other unique ID. Make sure your scrapers are up to date and refresh an affected item, then try Artwork Beef on that item again. If it works (the "Manage" -> "Select artwork..." context item will show all found artwork), repeat for the rest. If it doesn't, I'll probably need a list of a few of the affected titles to see what's up.

Old files are determined based on the last time they were checked for updates and their status. Generally about 4 months for items not missing any artwork, 2 months for items still missing some artwork and a bit shorter for recently released media. A bit of random jitter is added to spread them out for the automatic maintenance mode, but only runs automatically once per day even if library updates are frequent.
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