Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
@manfeed Local artwork for the music library is not yet supported, but imminent. However, it will only add artist artwork from the "Artist information folder" setting added to Kodi in 18 Leia. It will also prefer album artwork here, but can find and optionally save album artwork mixed in with media items if all songs for one album are in a single folder, and don't share that folder with songs from any other album.

You can move the images from the "extrafanart" folder to the artists directory next to "clearlogo.png" as "fanart1.jpg", "fanart2.jpg" and so on, and Artwork Beef will add them to the library.

@Powerhouse Kodi 18 has more changes that enable Artwork Beef to work with music artwork effectively, so I'd have to recreate a chunk of Kodi behavior to make that work, which isn't a good use of my time. After I release the next version, you can try Kodi 18 in portable mode on a Windows PC; copy your music database from Kodi 17, rescan your music library (a MusicBrainz ID is missing from Kodi 17 so Artwork Beef won't find any album artwork from web services), then configure and run Artwork Beef.

@stephen147 curious, it works from here. Does your device have internet access, do scrapers work? This may happen occasionally due to capacity issues, but not all the time. Have you changed something about the network, maybe a proxy?

@drwyrm That is baffling. Do the episodes from seriesX have the correct title and plot, or is that copied from the same episode number in seriesY? We'll probably need the debug log to figure this one out. And can you try out one more testing scenario: with Artwork Beef's automatic process enabled, press INFO to add a new series, head to your library and refresh that series, let AB process that series again, then go back to the file browser and add a second series with INFO. After that, are the two combined or separate?
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