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Ok, If I refresh the serieY, after it was merged, then it separates it in serieX and serieY again, fixing the collection to what it should be. But only if I do a full refresh from the internet, if I choose to use local .nfo files, then it remains merged.

Maybe something wrong when parsing the tvshow.nfo files? These were exported by kodi's export function I think (or maybe artwork downloader). Also notice (you will see in the beginning of the video), that this merging thing only happens if I enable AB.

tvshow.nfo from the "almost human" folder:
tvshow.nfo from the "believe" folder:

Video showing the full test is uploading, I will post a link after it's done.

EDIT: As for the test you requested (had to redo it, as I misread the first time): If I do exactly as you say, with an extra refresh in the serieX in the collection before adding serieY, then the two series never get merged, stay separate.

EDIT2: Here are the videos:
1. Video shows the expected behaviour with AB disabled, and then the bug with AB enabled, at the end it shows that an extra refresh separates the series again.!5wpnDARA!eOVhZoDsswH_T...K7tvWy8ZVE

2. This is the test you requested.!UwhXyCyB!LbqfllKf10nLv...l_Xf7zj0tI
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