Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-03-02, 16:12)Dumyat Wrote:
(2018-02-25, 12:03)rmrector Wrote: @Dumyat Everything that I can imagine you need to start using it is in the documentation, and there is page titled First usage that has what I think you should know before or just after the first usage, if you want to modify its behavior beyond the basic idea in the first two sentences of the first post.

To copy just certain types of files with full directory structure (like jpg, png, and gif, the files Artwork Beef might delete or replace), try the selected answer here for Windows, or the top answer here for Linux/mac. The end result can easily be copied back over the full library should something happen that you don't like.

I will have a handful of related changes that may help: I have another change to file handling in the upcoming version that resolves a theoretical cause of unexpectedly deleted artwork, though I haven't come up with a practical way it could have happened. I will adjust the one setting that could affect existing artwork files so that it is disabled by default. I've revisited the text of a few of the other settings to hopefully make them clearer. I'll explicitly document the expected changes to existing artwork files, by default and with the few switches that affect them. I'll probably disable the automatic processing by default, then explicitly document that it must be enabled if desired. The default install will then do absolutely nothing automatically and won't affect files until you flip one of a few documented switches in the add-on settings. Beyond that, my suggestion is to use it to see how it works.
That's great.....Thanks for all the info.
I will have good look at everything over the weekend. Like you say, probably best thing is to give it try and see how things work.
Quick update. Did a first run last night and was indeed pretty painless and fairly straight forward to set-up with the help of your documentation as a guide, although I did notice a few artwork changes afterwards and couldn't really figure out why they changed, particularly my landscape images for some reason. Anyway, tbh these new images seem to be of a much higher quality and standard and look pretty damn cool in my collection now....
I presume for any new artwork found, it's then just a simple case of using the download option if you want local artwork (which is my own preference)?
When I used to run AD, after it had completed I would normally then export my library to create/update my local NFO files. I guess I can continue doing this with AB?
After the files were processed and artwork was found, I did update a few of the landscape images and whilst they did change at the time, when I opened Kodi today most (not all) of the images I changed had reverted back to what they were originally. Again, I could really figure out what I might have done to cause that to happen. Is there something I maybe missed?
What would be the best way for me to continue creating manual artwork entries, which I do on occasion.....Just pop them into my local folder(s) and let AB pick them up at processing stage? Had to change a variable on 2/3 of my skin views, as I wasn't getting posters images for movies, but I got that sorted, so everything seems to be good again now. Next step is to test with my music library. Really hope after AB does it biz, my CD artwork will start showing up again in Kodi Smile Been missing it for a while now...... Sad

Oh crap, meant to also mention I have a few TV show and movie entries, that only appear to be currently showing when focused. When unfocused, they are currently showing the default poster/landscape image. Was curious if anybody else has experienced this same behaviour?
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