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(2018-03-07, 21:33)Arthur Dent Wrote:
(2018-03-07, 21:21)Powerhouse Wrote:  
You know what. Never mind. You and people like you are the reason I hate most forums. I may not be using the "recommended" way to store movies, but it is listed as an accepted method or it would say DO NOT DO THIS. AB certainly should not have taken artwork out of a subfolder that is named for a particular movie and applied it to every single movie file. I was just bringing it to the AB authors attention so that he could maybe fix it, and looking for help here since 1)AB caused this and 2)The author may have suggestions that are particular to my situation. But I will figure out how to fix my shit on my own and stay away from condescending a-holes like yourself.

Feel free to delete your post so that it does not take up any forum space. I will return at some point and delete mine as well. 
 Me and people like me, you mean people that are trying to help you, but you don't understand how Kodi works, and blame it on something, or someone else?

So just for your information, AB did nothing with the Artwork (which is why I said it shouldn't have been in this forum), but Kodi did. So your actual reply should have been....if not AB then how did this happen? In which I would have said that since you have a single extra fanart folder in your Movies folder, Kodi will use that single folder for all your Movies Fanart. But just removing said folder, wont clear all the database entries in Kodi (and the cache in Kodi) that still have that image. Which Is why I gave you three options to fix it.

And, btw, if I was being condescending, I would have just said read the Wiki newb, and nothing else.
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