Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-03-08, 01:07)Karellen Wrote:
(2018-03-07, 22:51)Arthur Dent Wrote:  "While your issue isn't Artwork Beef related, and I hate to take up space in this thread to fix a non-related issue. There are 3 things you can do..."

You don't think this sounds condescending?
Actually, no it does not. In that statement @Powerhouse has advised you that the fault may not lie with Artwork Beef, has then subtly apologised to @rmrector for going off topic in his thread, and then proceeded to offer you 3 valid solutions.

Where is the condescension in that?
(2018-03-07, 22:51)Arthur Dent Wrote: Along with his other post, "perhaps you didn't read the wiki", he sounds condescending as hell to me.
Again, I don't believe that is condescension, but a pointer to read the wiki which holds a lot of valuable information. He has even served you the relevant pages to read.

Now to the main issue. Your First Warning
You have become abusive and disrespectful to members that have done nothing but tried to assist you. I understand you may be frustrated with what has happened to your library, but there is no reason to vent that frustration on members.

Please treat the forum and the community with respect. 
 I am actually not frustrated in the least with what happened to my library. In fact, it happened weeks ago and I just got around to looking into it. I know I can fix it. That isn't the issue at all. If Powerhouse truly did not mean to be condescending, then he needs to work on his choice of words, because he is using a style that is typically done in a way that appears innocuous, but is not. I am looking for the option to delete my account now. This is the fist time in years that I tried to participate in a new forum and I see now that I just need to stay in my own neck of the woods. KODI is a great piece of software and Artwork Beef seems like it is what will be a great add-on. But you aren't going to convince me that Powerhouse wasn't just trying to show that he had the answers and believed me to be some noob that hadn't read anything.
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