Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
I have release version 0.18.0. The major feature is local artwork for the music library. Artist artwork will only be processed in the "Artist information folder" option added in Kodi 18 under "Media settings", "Music", "Library". Album and song artwork is also preferred here, but can frequently be located next to song files. See documentation for details. Just like the video library this requires web service IDs stored in the Kodi database to grab artwork from web services (these IDs can be added to your file tags with MusicBrainz Picard). For the music library it uses MusicBrainz Artist, Release, Release Group, and Track IDs. If you've upgraded the music library from Kodi 17 you must rescan your music sources in Kodi and do a full tag scan.

Another feature is separate options to enable/disable downloading artwork by media type. I've also moved and reworded some options to clear up their meaning, and default options are rearranged to avoid doing anything automatically without configuration. Double check the add-on settings after upgrading.

It won't run directly from source anymore: API keys have been removed from the source code. Individuals can copy the file containing the API keys from the latest released version. See the README for details, if you really need to run from source; most people do not. I rewrote the whole git history, so you'll have to reset your local branch to get updated.

@stephen147 That's an error with, nothing to do with your local files. Capacity issues are also about web services over the internet. I've changed the error message to include more detail. Upgrade to 0.18.0 (stable, not from source), then give it a try before changing ".py" files. 401 Client Error likely means you have the wrong API key (in the ".py" file, not in settings). Otherwise post the new error.

No other web services have API keys that users should be changing. They are meant to track projects.

@drwyrm That refresh in between was a test, and I think the result means that Kodi does something a bit differently when scanning in a TV show this way vs the other. Do series stay split like they are supposed to when they are added with a library update when "exclude this path from collection update" is disabled, then Artwork Beef after? I assumed this was yes but I better make sure. I'll try to recreate this.

@Dumyat The options in the add-on settings will download all processed artwork automatically, if you'd like. You can use Kodi's export for NFO, but don't export images that way. If you have local artwork then you need to have "Download artwork for processed ..." enabled to replace that local artwork, or Artwork Beef will pick the original local artwork back up. It always prefers local artwork. Kodi is responsible for noticing changes to local artwork, and I think it checks about every 24 hours.

Images being different when the image is focused or unfocused is either Kodi or the skin. Kodi can do it if it takes a bit too long to cache the first time an image is shown. If you head to the home window, then navigate back to the media item the images should show up as expected. A full Kodi restart may also help. If it's still not showing then maybe it's the skin using slightly different info for the focused and unfocused items.
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