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Hi rmrector, im0 using your addon and is simply wonderful. I also enjoy the possibility to download fanart locally so i can have a copy in case the online version is deleted.
I've a strange behaviour with this addon, but i really don't know if it's something related to AB or something converning my skin, Aeon MQ7.

I've 3 kodi installations, each of which has it's own local DB (no shared DB between them) but all of them is pointing to the same content folders (Movies, TV Series, concerts and music)
The main Kodi is on my QNAP nas
The second installation is on Windows 10
The third is on a MAC, and i use this for tests purposes

Well, in order to try your addon i've installed AB first on the mac, and set AB to download extrafanart on the local folders. I then have executed a library update for TV Series and obviously AB started to scrap and download the entire libraries, TV Series but also Movies and concerts.
Now, at the end of the process i have the extrafanart on the main screen of Aeon MQ7 cycling in every correspnding sessions: extrafanart for tv series, extrafanart for movies and for concerts.

I then repeated the process on both the NAS and Windows 10 and on both of them the situation is different from the MAC: for MOVIES, in the homescreen of Aeon MQ7 i have the new extrafanart cycing, but for TV Series i still have the few extrafanart downloaded with Artwork Downloader (1 fanart for each serie) even if on the local disk, for every TV series i see the jpg files. Do you thing is something that concern AB? I've told you this because mybe your add-on behaves differently if already jpg files are found locally.....

Sorry for my bad english, i hope i was clear enough, otherwise please ask for clarifications.
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