Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
And version 0.18.4 released with a fix for missing artwork from for the music library.

@Grifone1893  What version of Kodi are you using? Try again with a different skin, like Estuary. Skins can have different styles for selected items; in Estuary they have a teal title instead of white, and in Confluence the title is yellow instead of gray. This dialog works just like "Skip steps" in Kodi Video Player settings, or "Enable component-specific logging" under System Logging, just with images.

I assure you that you can select multiple fanart with the "Select artwork..." dialog, and that some of them will be preselected if the media item has fanart. You press on the individual artwork images to toggle their selected status, then you press the OK button to save your changes. The images that are displayed as "selected" in this dialog will then be saved to the media item as "fanart", "fanart1", "fanart2", and so on.

To change the main fanart:
If Artwork Beef is set up to download image files, you can deselect the top "fanart.jpg" file in this dialog then select a different fanart from a web service.
If you want to rearrange local fanart then just rename the files on your file system, but Kodi will probably take a day to notice the files have been changed.
If you don't have local image files, then it's a bit more awkward to rearrange multiple fanart: deselect all artwork on this dialog, then reselect them in the order you want them to be displayed: select the main fanart image first, then the image to be saved as "fanart1", then "fanart2", and so on. Then press OK to save.
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