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(2018-03-28, 02:24)Karellen Wrote: Today, while trying to problem solve an issue for another member, I came across a new folder located here... C:\Users\Master\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\cache\recycledartwork\ So I now found all my missing artwork. I now have 513 movie and tv show folders created in that "recycledartwork" folder which holds hundreds of artwork files that have to be moved back to their original location.

My question is, why has this happened?

I have read your comments that artwork beef does not interfere with Local artwork, but my experience is that it does.
Check the documentation (, but I believe you have to run Artwork Beef again, to re-populate (download) all new Artwork. 

These types of issues (believe me I feel your pain), are why I didn't enable Movies and TV Shows Artwork to be added. As my library has 3.8K Movies, and 800+ TV Series, which would be a major pain in the ass to have to fix.

The only thing I did add for Movies was Sets, which I had AB create a new folder under Movies (called Artwork Sets), which it then proceeded to create Movie Set folders for all my Sets (around 120 Movie Sets), and populate each with appropriate Movie Set artwork (for use with the Movie Set Artwork Automater add-on).
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