Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Hello @rmrector

Thanks for the response...

(2018-03-29, 03:48)rmrector Wrote: You say that for the affected items the image file is removed, but the artwork is still visible in Kodi. It will help to know if Artwork Beef left the local path to the artwork in the library and you are seeing the cached image, or if Artwork Beef replaced it with a remote URL from a web service.
  • Can you open the Artwork Beef "Select artwork..." dialog under "Manage..." in the context menu for one of the affected items, select an art type that was also affected, and check the title of the selected image? Is the title from a web service like or TheMovieDB, or local artwork, or "arttype.jpg", or ...?
I have checked a few, and it is local art, so it must still be reading from the cached image

(2018-03-29, 03:48)rmrector Wrote: Since you have the images in recycledartwork, can you copy the artwork for a couple of affected movies back where they were, then run Artwork Beef's "Add missing artwork" under "Manage" for those movies, and see what it does? If the same thing happens then a debug log and artwork-report of that would be helpful, plus the file names of those artwork files.
I tried on a few shows that were affected. I have not changed any settings, but I am unable to replicate the problem now. I would like to remove Artwork Beef completely, and re-install fresh, but am a bit hesitant to mess up the library. As @Kokonutcreme stated, it only seems to happen the one time after install.

(2018-03-29, 03:48)rmrector Wrote: Do you have the Artwork Beef options "Delete deselected artwork files" and "Recycle deleted and replaced artwork files" enabled
Yes, both those are enabled. I did not see this as an issue at the time as it was all local artwork, and I only ran it to update the movies I had just added. I did not go through and change artwork for any item in my library.

As for the debug log, you are right, and I would have provided it, if I had it. I had no idea this was happening to the extent that it did, and as I stated earlier, I only found the folder full of artwork by accident. I have restarted my main Kodi a number of times since the creation date of that recycledartwork folder. Seems that all that artwork in the recycled folder was batch moved within a short period.

I do have the Artwork Beef log though, if that helps. According to the folder timestamp it occurred on the 2018-03-26. You will see the runs for it in the log...

Also, contents of settings file...

I would like to replicate the issue, but just hate to have to mess up my library again. I'll see what I can do on my test machine.

I also have two databases that seem to be related to Artwork Beef- commoncache.db and processeditems.db

Are either of those of any use to you?
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