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(2018-03-28, 02:24)Karellen Wrote: Hello @rmrector

I have been following your thread for quite a while now, and thought I would give it a try on my main kodi install- v17.6 on Win10 HTPC. Having read the mistakes other people had made, I felt quite confident that I could navigate around them. So last week I installed Artwork Beef and let it do its thing.

My entire library is populated with local artwork. After I installed Artwork Beef, I started noticing that my local artwork was disappearing out of the movie or tv show folders. These seemed to be limited to Poster, logo and clearart. I initially noticed it on one TV Show that I was editing and simply thought I may have accidentally deleted the images. But then I noticed it was happening to a lot of tv shows. The artwork is still visible in Kodi, it is just no longer in the movie or tv show folder.

Today, while trying to problem solve an issue for another member, I came across a new folder located here... C:\Users\Master\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\cache\recycledartwork\ So I now found all my missing artwork. I now have 513 movie and tv show folders created in that "recycledartwork" folder which holds hundreds of artwork files that have to be moved back to their original location.

My question is, why has this happened?

I have read your comments that artwork beef does not interfere with Local artwork, but my experience is that it does.
 Dear rmrecotr,

Whilst Karellen was lucky to have found the recycled artwork , I have not been so.
out of the 1000+ Movies I had nearly 800 or so Local , custom made cleararts and logo's. And I am shocked to say I have lost all of them !
I have looked at all my data but alas there is no recycled artwork in my case and so all my custom made artworks have been lost...I just done have it in me to redo all those again and yes .. I did not keep a backup copy.
I went in time & again to make sure I have all the settings properly ..nothing is set to delet , local files first etc  but AB keeps deleting quite a lot of my custom artwork.. some still remains especially the most recent ones.. So I have no idea what is happening.
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