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(2018-03-29, 10:00)sniferx1 Wrote: @rmrector 

Awesome tool. I got a problem as once I use this and downloaded all artworks but in my Kodi APP and web interface all Thumbs are now showing Kodi generated Thumbs and very bad....

How to fix this and redownload all artwork again? In settings do I need to do anything special?

Good to have an option to download all applicable artwork again...

The skin / web interface is pulling up the movie thumb and expecting the fallback poster, but it should instead pick the poster first and fall back to the thumb only if the poster doesn't exist. They are two different images for two different purposes and should be chosen based on the interface design.
(2018-03-29, 18:42)bluebug Wrote: hi i am useing the raper skin with kodi 17.6 i have my movies on external hard drive when scanning for images with artwork beef i have noticed that some time it comes up with error saying could not save to file thanks for your advice

Several things could cause this; permission errors, maybe the folder doesn't exist as Kodi knows it (moving files around can cause this). Does it always happen for a particular movie, or does it work if you process an affected movie later? I'll need the Kodi debug log file with you running "Add missing artwork" for a few affected items to help further.
(2018-03-30, 03:39)Mr. V Wrote: Hi @rmrector 

I am having trouble with duplicate fanart.

This happens when a movie, artist ect does not have enough fanart art images on It seems to grab the remaining images from TMDB or TADB, quite often the top images on the other sites are the same as on

Is there any way to use one website for images and only use a secondary site if Zero are found on the first?

I have been noticing that this happens quite a bit, I'll take a look at that before long.
(2018-03-30, 07:01)sniferx1 Wrote: @rmrector 

Found another issue....

Artwork Beef not automatically downloading the Extrafan Arts as per settings amount. I have removed my "Extrafan Art" folders, remove the movies from the lib and added again.... When I execute the Artwork Beef it didn't download the extra Fanarts at all...

I can't go to each movie and select and download and please add this feature.

Do you have the option to download fanart enabled? If so, I'll need a debug log with you running "Add missing artwork" on a couple of affected movies, as well as the relevant parts of the artwork report (the file location is noted at the bottom of this page of the documentation).

Artwork Beef will automatically download all images you select in its GUI (from "Manage" "Select artwork..."), if downloading artwork is configured in the add-on settings.
(2018-03-31, 08:36)Mario S. Wrote: Hey rmrector I have a few questions.
in the documentation stands Album artwork was stored in artist information folder but for me artwork beef save the album art in my folder where the music are stored.
The settings for artist information folder in Kodi
Is made.
It's on a smb shared folder , name of the folder music artwork.
Miss I something?
The other files save artwork beef in the music artwork folder and create the the artist name subfolder.
Now my second question is this right that artwork beef created all the subfolders in my music artwork folder or must did that Kodi after scrapping?
After scrapping my artist folder are empty.
Thank you in advance.

If you don't have Artwork Beef configured to "Save album and song art with song files if possible" then this may also happen if Artwork Beef cannot create the folders in the Artist Information Folder. Artwork Beef should be creating any folders it needs in this folder. If it isn't, then there may be some other problem, like permission errors. I'll need a debug log with you running "Add missing artwork" on a couple of affected artists and albums to help further.
(2018-03-31, 09:22)DANI940 Wrote: hi 
why is not downloading the clearart, and the discart? I have all the options activated...
I dont know what is happening,any solution?

Can you see the images when manually selecting artwork for a movie? See this page of the documentation.
(2018-03-31, 23:48)dazzaw Wrote: The addon seems to have a problem with albums that have more than one disc and multiple cdart files.
Im using the Discnumber ID3 tag for my albums that have multiple discs. These albums show no CD image (apart from the pre set fallback image) with skins that require Artwork Beef (  Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO in my case). The file structure im using is for example:

"\\DISKSTATION\music\Iron Maiden\En Vivo!\Disc 1" in here is cdart.png and folder.jpg
"\\DISKSTATION\music\Iron Maiden\En Vivo!\Disc 2" the directory also contains these files but cdart.png is a different image

in Kodi itself these albums with multiple discs show as a single album with the first discs tracks in order followed by the second discs tracks show in order

How do I get the cdart to show for these albums? They work perfectly fine with skins that dont require Artwork Beef to show these additional images


Yup, Artwork Beef doesn't handle albums split into different folders like that at the moment. I will have that fixed in the next version. It's still a bit hairier for skins to pull up, though.
(2018-04-04, 14:49)bluebug Wrote: hi i am useing windows 10 kodi 17.6 and aeon nox krypton  when i look for images with artwork beef it keeps coming up with errors i have done a log file thanks for looking

Was Artwork Beef able to save any artwork for any movies on that drive? If not, it could be a problem with permissions, or maybe you've run out of space on the drive. Do the folders it is trying to save the artwork to exist? If they do not, clean your Kodi library and run Artwork Beef again.
(2018-04-04, 18:27)movie78 Wrote: LibreElec Kodi Alpha latest version from @Milhouse

After scanning my library successfully with Artwork Beef all the FANART for my movies default to the same picture.

Any help?

If you have the scraper configured to add a fanart image from somewhere other than, it's possible that a temporary outage at the web service caused this. I'll need a debug log with you running "Add missing artwork" on a couple of affected movies, as well as the relevant parts of the artwork report.
(2018-04-06, 15:02)Eddie Strike Wrote: Can artwork beef download Collection/Set posters from

I don't want anything else other than these posters since PKC/plex doesn't find them.


Yes. Artwork Beef can also be configured to "Disable all automatic processing for" all media types except movie sets.
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