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Dave has come up with an alternative, likely better, solution to artwork in the music library for boxed sets and albums with multiple discs, so skinners, don't spend too much time on the goofy bit I pitched last week. Some edge cases need brainstorming for extended art, but I may end up rearranging Artwork Beef to work like that. Nope, Dave implemented a similar system as I have in the Artwork Beef documentation.
(2018-04-07, 11:23)Mario S. Wrote: Here are my Logfile when running Artwork Beef for only for testing Album art.
I use two diferent shares for music art smb and for music nfs.
And in the music art folder artwork beef can write files but not the album art all other files okay (clearart , clearlogo , thumb , fanart , fanart1.......)

Unfortunately that didn't show me much. Can you post another debug log: remove the local artwork files that is saved in the album folder for a couple of albums, then run "Add missing artwork" from the context menu on those albums?

Are you sure Artwork Beef is downloading this artwork, rather than just using artwork that was already there? Artwork Beef will still find and use artwork in the album directories rather than download new images to the artwork folder.
(2018-04-08, 08:24)cwebster Wrote: Thank you CaptainKen.

I can login to my NAS as admin and it doesn't make a difference. I think it's a problem with the way Artwork Beef saves things. HOW DO I REVERSE IT!?!?! (in a calm way Smile

Thank you.

"nobody" owners are likely a configuration issue on your NAS, in user mappings for the user that Kodi uses to access the shared file system. You should be able to fix these files with a command like `sudo chown -R youruser:yourgroup /path/to/moviesetartwork/`, replacing youruser:yourgroup with information your NAS assigns when managing with the Windows computer. However, this will likely continue to happen for new files created from Kodi until that configuration issue is taken care of, so you may want to research further. Artwork Beef is not responsible for this.
(2018-04-08, 10:38)Gade Wrote: Hi rmrector.

Thanks for this great addon!

Is it possible to create a button similar to this:
<control type="button" id="xxx">
    <description>Get Artwork</description>

And it opens up the image selection, like it does for movies, tv shows etc.

Both for artists, albums and songs?   
Yup. Use the same command as the video library, but set mediatype to "artist", "album", or "song". `RunScript(script.artwork.beef,mode=gui,mediatype=artist,dbid=$INFO[ListItem.DBID])`
(2018-04-08, 14:51)asagala Wrote: Question. I am having a hard time getting Artwork Beef to download art for movies in french. Ex: This movie Junior Majeur has posters, fanart but cant get them to scrape. Same thing for

Any ideas why?

If no artwork from web services is available even when you manually "Select artwork ...", then the movie may be missing a web service ID, like an IMDB number; see the second bullet point here for possible fixes.

If artwork is visible there and Artwork Beef just isn't adding the poster automatically, I'll put that on the list to fix in the next version.
(2018-04-11, 22:25)o0nightfire0o Wrote: is there a way for me to centrolize all the artwork to a folder i choose?

Only for the music library and movie set artwork, not other videos. I do want to expand it to everything in the library, though, so it may come in the future.
(2018-04-13, 03:37)Kokonutcreme Wrote: @rmrector

Running v0.18.5 I had configured AB "Do not add automatically add artwork from web services, only identify local files" in General settings and for Movies had ticked "Download image files for processed movies"

I then noticed that after refreshing a movie or scanning new titles to the library a thumb.jpg for poster was added to the movie folder.

I figured that it was because of the enabled option under Movies, so I deselected "Download image files for processed movies", refreshed a movie title and checked and no thumb.jpg was added.

My question is, does the setting in Movies override the general setting to only identify local files?

These two options do slightly different things. "Download all artwork for ..." will download newly selected and currently existing artwork, if any are in the Kodi database as a URL, but won't search for and add new artwork from web services.
(2018-04-16, 10:42)docwra Wrote: I'd like a bit more verbouse screen logging if possible. At the moment I only see the track title when its searching for artwork and there is no display of what actual artwork type it is searching for.

Suggestion would be for something like this on the popup when downloading online metadata.

Searching for: [Music] Artist - Album

I'll look into this.
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