Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-05-01, 08:50)rmrector Wrote: Music library artwork is brand new and still being worked on, so getting discart to display differently for each disc isn't quite easy yet.
Working on that in core right now, design input welcome.
(2018-05-01, 08:50)rmrector Wrote: I may spend some time attempting to copy Dave's work into the video library and then Artwork Beef can be retired soon, or at least parts of it.
Very welcome to do that Ryan, I'm definitely not touching video library. Smile
Kodi needs more core devs, no matter how it may sometimes seem, and I will support your work in what ways I can. As you know I am always glad to discuss what I am working on.

I am unclear on what parts of AB my core changes many surplant, so don't make rertirement plans too early. I didn't start out to replace AB at all, the work just grew from your initial requests to let music JSON API catch-up with video. I was looking at fixing some of odd art things that happened, and once I had my head around how it worked I just kept going. I think picking up local art is an obvious part of scanning. Fetching it from elsewhere is another matter, as is helping users manage it, or skinners making screens look pretty using it. Plenty of work for everyone!
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