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(2018-05-10, 14:03)wgstarks Wrote: Not sure exactly what “old” refers to? I have many many videos that are more than 4-12 months old but are still missing artwork. 
"old" refers to media items that haven't been processed by Artwork Beef in 4-12 months. Not every possible artwork type for every possible media exists on the web services, so many items can still be missing artwork after being processed. They will be processed again in another 4-12 months.
(2018-05-11, 17:26)chrissix Wrote: Is it possible to enlighten us of the "new" used filenames?
"disc.png" -> "discart.png", "logo.png" -> "clearlogo.png", and "character.png" -> "characterart.png". The new file names should match the art type that skins use to access them, and the file name used when Kodi exports the images. The Kodi wiki has many of them noted. The "moviename-" and "season*-" prefixes work the same for all artwork as they did for "poster" and "fanart". If "folder.jpg" is a copy of the poster, it is probably unnecessary for the Kodi library when you also have the "poster.jpg" image (in the video library, still used for "thumb" / album cover / artist image in the music library).
(2018-05-11, 17:26)chrissix Wrote: Then the kodi wiki part with extrafanarts is also old
"extrafanart" is still used by many skins, so the wiki is ok. I just prefer adding them to the library (see my rambling here if you are interested in why), and so does Artwork Beef, so my example here in this thread shows how to add them with Kodi's upcoming feature. Edit: though it is about time to detail this alternative in the wiki.
(2018-05-11, 17:26)chrissix Wrote: Media Companion uses also the wrong naming conventions.
Yup, it uses Artwork Downloader file names, instead of Kodi export file names. Most media managers do, and they will need to be updated. That is currently being discussed in another thread.
(2018-05-11, 21:12)wgstarks Wrote: Seems to me that many more apps use <title>-<artwork type>.<extension>. If I set AB to use this format what
happens with all my existing artwork that doesn’t include a title?
Artwork Beef supports local files with and without the "<title>-" prefix. That option only affects the file name when Artwork Beef downloads and saves the images.
(2018-05-12, 03:26)wgstarks Wrote: I'm wondering if the addon is displaying the wrong report?
The GUI only shows the latest report, and they are limited in size, so you probably got (un)lucky enough that it rolled over right at the end.
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