Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Artwork Beef updated to 0.19.1.

This version fixes the new whitelist interaction with season artwork and generated "thumb" thumbnails.

@chrissix Artwork Beef already supports importing both file naming conventions and it will for a Kodi version or two. This naming convention is not new, file names are just the last part to be upgraded: Artwork Downloader started this naming convention several years ago and development stopped before fully supporting it, media managers shouldn't have been relying on or imitating its half-support for these years. Bulk renaming files is not time consuming, and the media managers could also easily implement such a feature.

@stephen147 Automatic processing in Artwork Beef will not add new fanart if there is already one locally to avoid downloading duplicate images, which is likely. In most cases any fanart already stored locally is in the top X results from the web services that it would pick automatically. You can manually select more fanart images and they will be downloaded as configured.
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