Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Artwork Beef updated to 0.20.0.

This version includes more detailed configuration options for types of artwork to download, "only identify local files" options for each media group, and preferring artwork from one specific web service. In addition, when configured to prefer one specific web service, it will not mix multiple artwork of the same type (like "fanart") from both services, avoiding another bundle of duplicates.

There are also options for multiple "poster" images for movies, movie sets, and TV shows, and a new art type "keyart" for the same media types. "keyart" is a poster without text, useful as a separate item in a skinner's toolbox as it can be paired with a clearlogo or large text title elsewhere on the window, and without text it is less distracting in the background or half-obscured (like fanart with a different aspect ratio). "keyart" also supports multiple images and neither support saving to a subdirectory like "extrafanart".

(2018-05-21, 00:52)MB1968 Wrote: I recently renamed the extra fanart images for my movie library. These images had random filenames, since I've been using Artwork Downloader before. I renamed the extra fanart images into fanart1, fanart2, fanart3.....fanart20.

Than I removed the old database links (referring to the previous random filenames), by running the remove option in Artwork Beef (remove artwork for mediatype - movies - extrafanart)

Than I started "Add Missing Artwork" for "Old and New Movies". It seems that Artwork Beef doesn't recognize the renamed images in the extrafanart folders. No new artwork has been applied to the database?

Where did I go wrong?
Open the context menu on a single movie that is affected by this, then "Manage..." then "AB: Add missing artwork". Then open Kodi's built in "Choose art" dialog and see if "fanart1" and "fanart2" and so on are filled with the new names. If that works, then add missing artwork for "all videos (new, old, and all in between)", not just old and new. If it didn't, then maybe the fanart limit in the add-on configuration is lower than you expect. With the new version that setting also applies to artwork added from the file system, while previously it was just for those added from web services. If still no luck, then I will need more details, including a debug log and artwork report.
(2018-05-26, 11:09)vbat99 Wrote: Would you be open to adding an option to get Movie set artwork from a central folder?

I am a Dev for Media Companion and will be changing the naming of the extra fanart images back to fanart1.jpg etc, but for Movie set artwork, the user can select to store in the collection parent folder
Movie\Iron Man Collection\poster.jpg
Movie\Iron Man Collection\Iron Man (2008)\
or store in a central folder with <movie_set_name>-poster.jpg etc
MovieSetArt\Iron Man Collection-poster.jpg
MovieSetArt\Iron Man Collection-clearlogo.png
Artwork Beef supports both, like Movie Set Artwork Automator. However, when using a parent/ancestor directory of the movies for set artwork, Artwork Beef requires that directory name exactly match the name as set in the Kodi library (made safe for the file system), which I don't think MSAA did.
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