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Is there any functionality present or planned that will show the artwork dimensions while previewing in manual mode? I just recently switched from Artwork Downloader, and this meta data was displayed by default in the preview and was extremely useful to find the highest resolution fanart and posters. I hate downloading a cool looking fanart (in the preview) to only find out that it downloaded a 1280x720 image. I have set AB to look for 1920x1080 images by default, but in manual mode, I see all images for all providers in all dimensions.

In the end, I only select the highest quality images when available and it is almost impossible to know what I am getting from the preview in manual mode. This is the ONLY core functionality from Artwork Downloader that I sorely miss... I am not sure if AD acquired this meta data from the files directly, or if it is stored with the image provider in their database and queried by the APIs.

I use manual mode to hand pick artwork by dimension. For me, higher resolution is more important than image content. I will always pick the higher resolution image, even if the artwork is not as cool.

My Personal Artwork Preferences:
Fanart: 3840x2160>1920x1080>1280x720
Poster: 2000x3000>1400x2100>1000x1500
ClearLogo: HD>SD

This is my only request. Other than that, thank gosh Artwork Beef exists! Thank you for saving my Kodi experience. Customizing Kodi is what this is all about and I really appreciate you stepping up and developing this addon.

Please let me know your thoughts on this specific feature. I look forward to it.
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