Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-07-09, 16:38)curael Wrote: @rmrector 

Hey question, would Artwork Beef be able to "touch" the files?

No, I don't think anything can be done about empty generated thumbs in widgets. The best I've come up with for that is to open a big playlist with all episodes in the video browser, then Kodi will generate any missing thumbs.

(2018-07-11, 23:07)chrissix Wrote: Is it possible to set extrafanart naming from fanart0-9.jpg?

You can name them whatever you like, but none of that is a particularly convincing reason to change Artwork Beef's behavior when it creates extrafanart. Most of your argument centers on skins using the "extrafanart" folder directly, which I do not suggest anyway so I won't spend much time fiddling with it.

(2018-07-11, 23:07)chrissix Wrote: 1) cause of may unwanted replacing of files
2) cause of may unwanted adding and duplicating of files
3) other may unknown side effects...

You are going to have to be specific on unwanted side effects of using Media Companion and Artwork Beef together. I need a repeatable scenario where Artwork Beef replaces files it shouldn't, or it adds and duplicates files you don't expect.

(2018-07-11, 23:07)chrissix Wrote: Maybe it's worth considering about to reduce extrafanart count from 20 to 10 (fanart0-9) without any compromise

This is an option so that you can set it to whatever you like.

(2018-07-11, 23:07)chrissix Wrote: PS: Ever thought of some feature for automated bulk renaming old artwork filenames to new (+add moviename-prefix)? Would safe a lot of work for lot of people.

Yes, I would like that feature.

(2018-07-13, 11:49)Punkid Wrote: I keep getting the following error trying to save Music information: 
14:45:54.334 T:19956   ERROR: [script.artwork.beef] Could not save image to file: C:\Users\username\Music\Artists\3 Doors Down\The Better Life\discart.png

The first few images etc are saved fine, but then i get this error and the successive images arent saved. Same error on Windows (with local AND network folders) and on a Linux VM (again, with local and network folders). It's definitely not a permissions issue, since a few files ARE saved before the error is produced. Latest nightly (7th July) used on both platforms

1. If you run it again, does throw an error for the same file, or does it save that one successfully and throw an error a bit later?
2. Are the network folders SMB? Can you try with NFS shares?
3. On the Linux VM, are the local files local to that VM, or shared from the host? If shared, can you copy a small portion of your library to the VM file system and try with that?
4. Post a debug log with this happening once or twice, as noted in the first post.
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