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(2018-07-14, 04:09)rmrector Wrote: 1. If you run it again, does throw an error for the same file, or does it save that one successfully and throw an error a bit later?
2. Are the network folders SMB? Can you try with NFS shares?
3. On the Linux VM, are the local files local to that VM, or shared from the host? If shared, can you copy a small portion of your library to the VM file system and try with that?
4. Post a debug log with this happening once or twice, as noted in the first post. 
 1. When i run it again, its a different file. On every try it'll write some files, then throw the error. So if i keep on trying, i might be able to do my whole library in like 300 trys.
2. Yes the network folders are SMB. Sorry i dont know how to set up NFS. Regardless, on my Windows machine is tried everything on local path, the Music files and the folder set for saving images too.
3. On the Linux VM i already did what you suggested, i copied a small portion over and it threw the same error. So yes, the files were local to that VM.
4. Kodi Log :
    Artwork Beef Report:

About the log: Run on my Windows machine, local music folder at D:\Music , Artist folder at D:\Artists (Newly created empty). I run AB 3 times, the provided log is of the 3rd run. First run, the artist and album folders for 3 Doors Down are created, but no file is written, the error is thrown. Second run, files for 3 Door Down are written, the folders for next artist 10 Years are created, no files are written. Third run, files for 10 Years are written, folders for next artist 50 Cents are created.

Behavior was the same on Linux.
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