Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Artwork Beef updated to 0.21.0.

New features
  • settings to replace project API keys for web services, in case the built in keys are disabled and I don't replace them
  • add a "Largest available" option to the artwork size for sorting
  • Artwork Beef sends a JSON-RPC notification when the new/old/all item processes finish

  • title-free posters always sorting first when 'keyart' disabled (GitHub #16)
  • artwork names for stacked movie files - it downloaded new artwork with the wrong names, and wouldn't identify other properly named artwork if you had the "source" tag or something after the "cd1" part of the filename
  • episode thumbs are generated if other episode settings are disabled (@curael this should fix your error)
  • errors when downloading new artwork with some configurations (@Punkid this should fix yours)
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