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@rmrector Hello man! Thanks again for the wonderful addon! First off, could you  explain to me, about the thumbs, and the solution you implemented to have them removed again (I'm still using the solution with adding "thumbs" so that it removes the TVDB thumbs again. What am I supposed to tick in the updated version, and I can remove thumbs again, yes?

Also, new question, is it possible to add an entry to "remove all artwork" from separate shows? The other day I had an RSS feed that scraped v1 and v2 of the same file so it took it as ep7 and ep8, and they both had the same thumb, obviously, but.. When I removed the v2 file, and the REAL ep8 was added, it kept the faulty thumb, so I'd like to actually be able to click into the Artwork Beef sub menu (Add missing artwork and so on) on the one episode and click "Remove artwork", sorta like the "Remove all artwork for episodes" function directly in Artwork Beef that deletes all thumbs.. Would it be possible for you to add that function on single episode level? Basically so that it resets the movie, the show, the season or the episode? Smile Depending on which one I choose to "Remove all artwork" from?

Thanks again!
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