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(2018-08-17, 22:27)chrissix Wrote:
(2018-08-17, 12:39)Ipaddle Wrote: Fx. i need Studio Ghibli Collection (I have a lot of them!). This set is not found on, but on Hence I can not download any fanart background, poster, logo or art for this particular movie set.

Short Offtopic:

Like all of us, also the TMDB mods/admins are just people with their own ideas how do it "the right way". And as everywhere, the mods/admins of TMDB are coming and going. The conventions on TMDB have changed a bit and lot of entries have been lost the "Collection status".

The TMDB entries are deleted, but everywhere fanarts are created on they are still there. The only workaround is to search for it manually and save it locally.

Examples of lost "Collection" status on TMDB where the fanarts on still exist:

Studio Ghibli Collection
Monty Python Collection
Cornetto trilogy aka the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy
Punisher Collection

Other examples of "non official" or or custom collections but deserves it to create and publish collection fanarts:

Bud Spencer & Terence Hill 20th Collection
Cloverfield Collection
Dark Universe Collection
Day of the Dead (Remake) Collection
Wizard of Oz Collection
Judge Dredd Collection
Marvel Cinematic Universe Collection
Monster Verse Collection
View Askewniverse Collection aka New Jersey Collection
Star Trek Collection (all 3 collections combined)
Total Recall Collection
X-Men Original Collection (the 1 x-men collection splitted)
X-Men Prequel Collection (the 1 x-men collection splitted)
X-Men Logan / Wolverine Collection (the 1 x-men collection splitted)

I've created a thread to keep dropped collections alive and give some exception of custom collection a place to live:

Feel free to support with suggest interest and leave a reply


Ok, I would suggest to point the add on towards, when searching for movie sets. Anyway, thanks for the information.
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