Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-08-23, 00:25)rmrector Wrote: Curious. Maybe the bottom section "Download these artwork types to the local file system" isn't set up like AB expects; there should be a single "fanart" in the list, not individual "fanart1", "fanart2", etc, nor something like "extrafanart". Also make sure the "extrafanart" folder option is enabled in the Advanced tab. It also won't move files already saved as "fanart1.jpg" next to the media item into an "extrafanart" folder, if it ran before without the setting enabled.

If none of that helps, turn on debug logging and post another log, post your Artwork Beef "settings.xml" file (in the same folder as "artwork-report.txt"), and open Kodi's built in "Choose art" dialog to see if a "fanart1" image is set in the library for 2 Broker Girls. 
Its late tonight already so i'll get you those debug logs tomorrow but I agree, curious and i'm confused.

I think I have it configured properly. The shows I have tested that I left an extrafanart folder in cached that art and it cycles properly, the ones that I didn't dont' either. So confusing.


After I posted those pics i realized i could have just uploaded my settings file. Here you go.
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