Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-08-24, 21:36)rmrector Wrote: @MANswers "clearlogo" is the only logo skins should be using in the regular video library, there is no separate "logo" image. Does the movie show a "clearlogo" image if you open the built in "Choose art" dialog (like "Image 2")?
 Yes it does. Mate but the problem I am facing is, that previously I used to have titles as clearlogo/logo's, even if i use artwork beef to grab the artwork, but still I had to hit "C" and then run Get logo/clearart in solo mode or auto mode for kodi to grab all the discs and logo's thats residing in the local filesystem. Only after i run this, it will show logo and disk images.. but now that artwork downloader is disabled, and with new versions of MQ7 skins mods removing them.. there is no option to run this command, hence the logos and disks are not appearing.
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