Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-08-24, 20:46)rmrector Wrote:
(2018-08-24, 09:28)Alyy Wrote: EDIT: If I read well, he found me 3 set, but does not display it ?

== 2018-08-24 09:19:20: Traitement de la liste automatiquement
4 élément(s) dans la liste - set: 3, tvshow: 1
2018-08-24 09:19:56: Traitement terminé
6 artwork(s) mis à jour - fanart: 1, poster: 1, banner: 1, season.1.poster: 1, clearlogo: 2
Without a debug log this looks like Artwork Beef is adding artwork exactly as it is supposed to do. It's up to the skin to display the images. If you open the built in "Choose art" dialog from Kodi, do you see a "clearlogo" image? What skin are you using? Do you see any logos at all in your skin? Are you sure your skin is configured to display logos? Post your debug log, and while recording navigate to a media item that doesn't display a logo in a skin view that is configured to display the logo, then run "AB: Add missing artwork".       
"If you open the built in "Choose art" dialog from Kodi"  Yes, but no fanart and poster

I use Aeon Nox Silvo, and i have no problem viewing artwork, logo, poster, fanart etc.

It's not just the logo, but the post and the fanart. I can add them only manually.

Here debug:

EDIT: And I even noticed for some movie, the logo is not downloaded Huh

I think he can not find the logo in French, the plugin can not put the logo in English when French is not available ? artwork downloader could do it it seems to me.
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