Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-08-29, 23:29)chrissix Wrote:
(2018-08-29, 23:08)rmrector Wrote: Artwork Beef updated to 0.21.2

With a fix for the crash @scott967 encountered, and a new approach to try to remove the movie artwork that Kodi copies to movie sets. This will likely only work on newly added movie sets, and even then it just can't be perfect. The first usage documentation describes how to deal with this for movie sets in an existing library.

Is it now possible to limit AB to one single language (without fallback)?              
 No. That will take a bit more work, but I do intend to include it in the next feature release, likely 0.22.0. I have no idea on when that version will be ready, though.
(2018-08-30, 06:55)vbat99 Wrote: @rmreactor
I have a question in regards to Movie Collection names with illegal filesystem characters.
Eg, Mission: Impossible Collection.

When saving the artwork to a local system, what is the appropriate method to replace this character with?
In the past, MediaCompanion replaced any illegal filename or folder character with the underscore character and I believe MSAA supported this methodology.
Artwork Beef saves artwork like that, plus right-strips spaces and periods (Kodi's filename cleaner works like this as well). Artwork Beef is more lenient in what it will identify, though, so it will also catch others like "Mission - Impossible Collection" and "Mission Impossible Collection".
(2018-08-30, 06:55)vbat99 Wrote: Second question. Keyart.
Now this is just the poster without a language, but on scanning through returned posters, I see some language is "", empty string, and some are "00", two zeros.
Do you count both empty language and 00 as keyart.

Thanks again.
I do count posters with either "" or "00" as keyart, but I'm pretty sure the empty string is a data hiccup at so it may not hold true for every image like that (for images that must have a language, like clearlogo, I instead count it as English).

@Alyy I found it! has stale data for Batman & Harley and Stargate Origins, so the API didn't produce the expected results. I've reported this to in this thread. I gotta remember this for future troubleshooting.

You said "many", if you have other movies or TV shows with a similar issue you can verify if it is exactly this with the below steps, and if so post a message with the details on the forums.

For TV shows it is fairly easy: compare the ID number in the URL of the page for the series on with the " Series ID", and if they are not the same then the data is stale.

For movies it's a bit more work. If you have a project API key you can open a URL in your browser like "", replace TMDB_ID with the TMDB ID of the movie (the number in the URL of the page for the movie on TMDB) and FANARTV_APIKEY with your project API key. The result will have an "imdb_id" key, and if it is empty or the wrong IMDB number then the data is stale.

A similar TCMU command for TV shows is ./ Jd tvshows @extrajson.tvshows.tvshow=uniqueid "2 stupid dogs".

@Mario S. Doh! I pushed 0.21.3 with a fix.
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