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(2018-08-30, 23:56)rmrector Wrote: @Alyy I found it! has stale data for Batman & Harley and Stargate Origins, so the API didn't produce the expected results. I've reported this to in this thread. I gotta remember this for future troubleshooting.

You said "many", if you have other movies or TV shows with a similar issue you can verify if it is exactly this with the below steps, and if so post a message with the details on the forums.

For TV shows it is fairly easy: compare the ID number in the URL of the page for the series on with the " Series ID", and if they are not the same then the data is stale.

For movies it's a bit more work. If you have a project API key you can open a URL in your browser like "", replace TMDB_ID with the TMDB ID of the movie (the number in the URL of the page for the movie on TMDB) and FANARTV_APIKEY with your project API key. The result will have an "imdb_id" key, and if it is empty or the wrong IMDB number then the data is stale.

A similar TCMU command for TV shows is ./ Jd tvshows @extrajson.tvshows.tvshow=uniqueid "2 stupid dogs".

@Mario S. Doh! I pushed 0.21.3 with a fix. 
 Okay, I understand now. I could check the corresponding movies.

By cons, I think there is a concern with the saga. I added the saga Detective Dee, it does not find me the saga fanart, logo saga, saga post automatically, I have to do it manually.

I did the test and I see on the page imdb_id "", with a manual search it finds.

Stargate Origins, same id TVDB and FanartTV = no logo ?
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