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Yeah, it never ends with me. Always have more questions although not sure if it should be in here or in another part of the forum but I guess i'll start here. So I installed the new clean Beta1 of Leia to see how it works and such and to see if I can do it manually on a Ubuntu minimal 18.04 build. I was eventually successful. To test it out I first started with the stock setup and Estuary and just scanned in a movie. Then I installed this addon and also Aeon Nox Silvio. I proceeded to scan a couple more movies in and then configured Aeon to show "Random Movie Fanart" at the home screen. All it would show is the one movie I scanned in via Estuary prior to installing Artwork Beef. None of the fanart that got scanned in by this addon displayed there. If this worked like I thought it would then it would prevent the need for consolidated fanart folders for the different media types and save HD space as the fanart wouldn't be duplicated on the htpc.
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