Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
@Alyy Detective Dee Collection works for me. Try running Artwork Beef from Program Add-ons and then "identify unmatched movie sets ...", then run "AB: add missing artwork" on that one set.

Stargate Origins works for me. Try "AB: add missing artwork" on that one TV show again.

@bsoriano 1. No, just set the option named "keyart" to 1 (or more if you want more of them).

2. Might be one of two things:
  a. your Artwork Beef is configured incorrectly; on the "Advanced" tab under "In case of emergency", remove everything from " project API key" and try again.
  b. you installed Artwork Beef incorrectly, perhaps from source. Remove it and install from the zip file linked on the first post or from the repository linked on the first post.
(2018-09-05, 17:14)pletopia Wrote: If you scan in artwork and it picks a poster for you for example out of say the 15 that are on themovedb. I decide I want a different one and change it in Kodi, wouldn't it be beneficial for the script to then save that copy back to the disk and replace the one that was previously downloaded?
If you have configured Artwork Beef to download artwork that is exactly what it does.
(2018-09-05, 17:14)pletopia Wrote: 2nd question I had was regarding your extrafanart again. Say you scan in a new movie or tv show. Then a few months later when its looking for missing artwork will it add any additional fanart to the extrafanart folder that have been uploaded to the services since the initial scan? Based on what I read it won't because your trying to prevent "duplicates".
It does not. This will take a notable amount of work so I may never change this.
(2018-09-05, 23:39)pletopia Wrote: If this worked like I thought it would then it would prevent the need for consolidated fanart folders for the different media types and save HD space as the fanart wouldn't be duplicated on the htpc.
No. Artwork Beef won't duplicate artwork for this purpose because skins have always had other options for this, but they have to be designed to use those options.
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