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(2018-09-09, 20:50)fernicus Wrote: ... after running a scan and it doing it's download thing, when I go into a new movies folder, only the movie file is there, whereas with Artwork Downloader the new images would be saved along with the movie file. Is there something I'm missing or a default directory that the images are stored to?
Configure Artwork Beef to download artwork. It downloads nothing by default, leaving that up to Kodi's built in image (texture) caching.
(2018-09-10, 13:42)chrissix Wrote: @rmrector 
In the latest version is the option to save fanarts to the local file system has disappeared can this be? I used the feature very often.

Also KeyArt support has completely disappeared.
The last version I have released at this point in time is 0.21.3, and both options are in the same place they've been since keyart was introduced.

Turns out I don't have the labels right for Krypton and below so the options to download artwork look even goofier than they were designed, but they are at the bottom of the tabs in add-on settings. I will have a fix for that in the next version.

@zanders see above.
(2018-09-12, 22:32)homerjs Wrote: I installed the rector repo but it doesn't do anything, I cant seem to get into on it and it just thinks about it...thoughts?
Either manually check for updates to add-ons in Kodi, or restart Kodi, and if still nothing then post a debug log recorded while you manually check for add-on updates and try to open the repo.

@manfeed It's an intermittent issue with servers. See related post on forums.
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