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(2018-09-18, 03:56)BDPNA Wrote: I've been spinning through a lot of the documentation and maybe I just missed it, but I'm wondering for someone who just basically wants to nuke and start fresh (I'm happy to even let anything I've got stored locally in the path with my files get deleted), nuke it all, start over with Beef and grab EVERYTHING (best it can do) and save locally, what's the way to do that?

Also, considering I have a library whose files sometimes change names when I replace them with a better quality version, is there any merit to just using stuff like fanart.png, poster.png, etc, vs MovieName-fanart.png and MovieName-poster.png?  This plugin seems to grab the latter but not the former.
 1. Artwork Beef doesn't make it super easy to nuke all existing art. The closest you can get is to run Artwork Beef from "Program add-ons" and run "Remove artwork for media type ..." for each media type, but that still won't touch the local files.

2. Yes, Artwork Beef identifies existing artwork both ways, and gives you an option to change the name it uses to save files.
(2018-09-18, 12:34)aneurysm- Wrote: hi .. I'm probably goint to ask a stupid question .. so apologies for that .. but I can't seem to figure it out.
So, as most people here .. installed artwork beef, since artwork downloader doesn't seem to work anymore. Great add-on so far.
As of last week, I'm starting to use movie sets. But for some reason, I can't seem to change the poster & fanart of the movie set .. to what has been downloaded.

So I choose context on the movie set. I Choose manage, then "choose art" ..then I get the screen with "poster, fanart, .." .. Beefart has added poster1 and fanart1, keyart and such there. And use poster1 I can see the downloaded movie set poster. But how do I change the movie set to that poster? Because the poster only changes when I select an image from the "poster" tab ... but under there, there is not the loaded collection image.

it's driving me nuts Smile

If you are getting a poster1 image then you have likely enabled multiple posters in the add-on settings. One, on the "Movies" tab, make sure "Move set poster" is set to 1, and two, on the "Advanced" tab, make sure "Manually select multiple images for all media types" is disabled.

Selecting one fanart as primary is a bit awkward, but if you deselect all existing fanart with "AB: Select artwork" (not "Choose art"), then pick the primary fanart first, then any extra fanart you want, your skin should show the first fanart selected.
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