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(2018-09-20, 13:51)Jondar Wrote: I pre-download most of my artwork (posters, fanart, banners and clearlogos) before adding movies and TV shows to my library, only having AB to register (and optionally download if I don't have them) the clearlogos to the database. I have all other artwork options turned off, as Kodi picks them up itself. I am noticing however that AB adds TV season banners to the database even though I have season-banner set to off in AB's settings, and I have no local season-banners in my files. I don't want season-banners at all, and I have to remove them using the "Remove artwork for media type..." option.

I'm wondering if there's a little bug in there causing this?

The option works as expected for me, are you sure Artwork Beef is adding them? If you run "AB: Add missing artwork" on a TV show that are cleaned in your library but do have banners available at TheTVDB, do they come back?

Season banners are basic artwork in Kodi and handled like season posters and TV show fanart, so they could also be coming from a scraper or NFO file.
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