Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-09-24, 11:00)Jondar Wrote:
(2018-09-23, 22:57)rmrector Wrote: The option works as expected for me, are you sure Artwork Beef is adding them? If you run "AB: Add missing artwork" on a TV show that are cleaned in your library but do have banners available at TheTVDB, do they come back?

Season banners are basic artwork in Kodi and handled like season posters and TV show fanart, so they could also be coming from a scraper or NFO file.

Artwork Beef added them, based on the artwork report. I see lines like
Processing tvshow 'American Horror Story'
Not missing artwork, not looking for any
Updated artwork: season.8.poster, season.8.banner

Running "AB: Add missing artwork" doesn't add anything

The .nfo files I use don't have any references to images at all. I remove them.

I'm now wondering if it is the scraper, when it adds a new show, or adds a new season to an existing show.

I'll keep an eye on it.

Sorry for the bother! Smile

Yup, probably from the scraper. Artwork Beef can "update" artwork for other reasons, in this case probably changing TheTVDB image URLs to match their new layout.
(2018-09-25, 02:22)Edworld Wrote: 2) Is there an option to prefer local artwork, but if not available to download from preferred site?
This is what Artwork Beef does, no option to change it.
(2018-09-25, 15:57)cscott1 Wrote: Is there an option to use local images for artwork that AB doesn't find? If so where? If not I would like to request this.
Artwork Beef prefers local images first, and if none are available then it looks online. No option to change this.
(2018-09-26, 23:34)gabardal Wrote: Hello, I store all my media on a Windows server, and access through samba, I've already downloaded all the artwork from a client with AB, which gets stored on the server's media folders as it's supposed to; but when I use the option to preload local artwork to Kodi's texture cache, nothing gets preloaded on the client. Is the preloading supposed to work on the client's side, where there's no media stored? Cheers!
Yes, artwork preloading should work for artwork shared on a samba network. Artwork Beef must process a media item on each client to preload artwork on that client.
(2018-09-28, 00:48)Maza Wrote: Hi all,

I'm experiencing the following and I after playing around with the settings and searching the forum I couldn't find an answer. Basically Artwork Beef is changing my already set fanart for both movies and TV shows whenever I do either a library update or on a weekly basis. Does somebody know how to stop this?
Changing artwork how? It generally shouldn't change existing artwork, but local artwork will always be assigned if it exists.
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