Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-10-05, 21:43)K0D1User1138 Wrote: I was under the impression Kodi used the basic naming for extra art and AD used the file name extended format. If AB uses the file name version and I can eliminate all the basic versions, and have AB scrape the artwork anytime I scrape or refresh an entry automatically that would be awesome.
Kodi has always imported artwork with both names "poster.jpg" and "movie name-poster.jpg", depending on source configuration; the short one doesn't work if your source isn't configured with "Movies are in separate folders that match the movie title".
(2018-10-05, 21:43)K0D1User1138 Wrote: Still unsure why these extra arts aren’t built into Kodi proper with an option to use them or not. Especially for just local art.
Kodi 18 has had the ability to add the extra art from scrapers or NFO files for most video library items for most of the year. The work has been done for local files for months, but Team Kodi doesn't like the way it is configured and won't offer any suggestions or direction beyond "wrong approach".
(2018-10-07, 04:34)Rantanplan-1 Wrote: Could pls someone tell me the replacement for:

                    <!-- Download Movie Landscape -->
                    <control type="button" id="1251">
                        <label>download Landscape Art for movies</label>
                        <onclick>XBMC.runscript(script.artwork.downloader, mode=custom, mediatype=movie, thumb, landscape)</onclick>

read thru the whole wiki but no hints. (would have expect something like this in the "skin section" off the wiki, but nooo.)
 See this section of the documentation. There are only "gui" and "auto" modes, and "auto" respects the add-on settings.
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