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(2018-10-26, 18:46)Rychem28 Wrote: I had a question on multi disc albums and being able to display the individual disc images separately. I read the Artwork Beef Wiki and it had indicated that simply naming the files discart1.png/discart2.png...etc should suffice but I am unable to get the disc images to display using this naming scheme. Single disc albums are displayed correctly with disc art named discart.png.

My folder structure is artist/album/disc #. I have tried placing the discart png's in the root album folder, within the disc specific folders and even tried placing both mp3's and png's within the root album folder.

Is there anything that I am missing in getting the discart to be displayed?
 I don't think there is any skin that can handle discart1, discart2, etc.  The more fundamental problem is that as of Kodi 18, multi-disc releases aren't handled with as much detail as users would like.  Currently, Kodi attempts to group songs that are scanned into a collection called "album" (though "release" may be a better term).  Mostly this is done by reading the "album" tag in each song file during scanning.  Scraping (and most art management) is tied to "albums" and "artists" (performers) in the music database.  While track and discnumber is recorded as attributes of individual songs, the physical layout of the "album" (multiple discs or vinyl "sides") isn't really available, so skins can't easily identify when multiple art related to the actual medium should be displayed.  I haven't looked deeply at it, but I guess it should be possible to link specific art, in this case discart, to individual songs for display within skins.  I will give it a try and report back.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
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