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(2018-10-27, 02:24)Rychem28 Wrote: The mutli-disc art used to work fine with Kodi 17 and lower. All that would need to be done was to put the corresponding cdart in each of the disc folders and it would be displayed as tracks were played.
Since there was no native support in those versions of Kodi for that (nor the default skin) it means that you were using an addon to achieve this. The issue is probably just a matter of using the naming that Artwork Beef and skin now expect (or the new native features of v18).

(2018-10-27, 02:24)Rychem28 Wrote: It would seem that with Artwork Beef this is not possible. In the wiki it outlines how to do this but I am having trouble getting it to display in the skin.
Don't prejudge this, give @rmrector a chance to respond. The wiki is out of date in many places, especialy for v18, so it may be a matter of helping us to write the new guide. Smile
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