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(2018-10-27, 16:58)black_eagle Wrote: @DaveBlake if you use a skin that has $INFO[Player.FolderPath]cdart.png and multi disc albums are in (for example) '/artist/album/disc1',  'artist/album/disc2' then it should just work.
Always happy to be corrected, but is that really true? I thought that something has to fetch cdart.png and put it in cache, otherwise $INFO[Player.FolderPath]anything.png in skins would work with a local anything.png. Maybe it is a player feature, so more generally what about during browsing too? I'm no art expert, but I have doubts.

(2018-10-27, 16:58)black_eagle Wrote: Default skin is great for many things (live tv support is brilliant) but it always seems to me to be woefully inadequate for music - I understand why this is but there is so much more info available to display (thanks mostly to your good self) that I just can't use it as it is for music.
Agreed, IMO Estuary is particularly lacking in facts let alone art. But there are many alternative art rich skins

(2018-10-27, 16:58)black_eagle Wrote: latts9923 has modded Aeon MQ7 to work with Leia (V18) and with the file structure that you have, it should display the correct disc (naming should just be cdart.png in each directory). 
Just like to point at the discussion about consistent art naming that I hoped we could get addon authors and skinners to come to a consenus i.e. using "discart" rather than "cdart" for music discs just like video discs, but I have momentarily lost it
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