Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Hi @rmrector 

Thanks for your work, I find your approach to deal with extended artwork quite sensible (avoiding extrafanart folders for instance) in fact I had to adapt my music/video collections, which wasn't mean feat, but now all is working as expected.

However, some time ago I had an issue and I would like to know if I did something wrong or it's the expected behavior. Most of my movies have local artwork, but some didn't have when I imported them to the library, then I run AB and all the artwork appeared, just fine at the moment. However after some days I noticed that those movies weren't showing the artwork, the ones with local artwork had no problem, though. I looked into the issue and I finally found that was having some connection problems... Is it the way it's supposed to work? I mean, if not local artwork present when adding the movie to the library and it has to be added from online sources, must be that source available at all times through internet? I thought that it would be added somehow to a local cache of images to avoid hitting the website once and again... 

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