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Thanks for the db @VelvetKevorkian, no worries about delay and thanks for enabling me to understand why you have missing art.

The example artists you gave for local art not being picked up automatically were "Argent" and "Belouis Some". Neither of these are album artists, they are song artists on compilation albums and the music files are located folders with the rest of the music files for each album. Kodi does not try to automatically pick up local art for song artists as part of library scanning, hence why they are missing.

New to v18 scraping song artists (by using Query Info for all from context menu on an artists node that is showing song artists) Kodi will attempt to fetch local art for the artist from the Artist Information Folder. The Artist Information Folder, set in Settings > Media > Music, is a nominated folder under which folders named to match artist names can be used to hold artist NFO files and local art. This can be a separate folder or the same as a music source

You have created folders on your music source with the same name as these artists and put image files in them. If you also nominated that music folder as the Artist Information Folder, had "Show song and album artists" enabled (which I think you have from the screenshots), then did "Query For All" before manually setting art then Kodi would pick up that art.

This functionality badly needs a user guide, with examples, meanwhile I hope my forum posts help users find there way to the new automatic art handling facilities.
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