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I am not a beginner at ArtworkBeef, I have been dealing with it for a while. I'm already experimenting with multiimages via fadelabel control in skin .xml's, very promising.
But now a question about self-created artwork types. I designed my own artwork type for poster, called Postercase


It works as it should, great!

Now I wanted to make more of my locally stored files usable for skins.
I use the local trailer feature, every movie has a local trailer.

naming of trailer file:
naming of trailer thumb

Now i tried to use ListItem.Art(trailer-thumb)
But if I try this, nothing works

Then I renamed all files with the bulk rename utility to:
Not all is working.


I read your tutorials and wiki's more often, but found nothing about whether there are restrictions on naming.

Can a "-" not be used in naming? Other letters also not usable?
Must the word used as a prefix always be written together?

I have integrated soundtracks (ost's, scores) into my movie folders, and also into my skin
Now i use a folder "soundtrack" in the movie folder in there is a folder.jpg and sometimes a discart1.jpg and discart2.jpg

I am well aware that I have to enter these files directly into the film folder without the soundtrack subfolder in future.
But the naming is still not clear to me. For example, I would like to use something like this:


But I suspect the hyphen "-" will not be accepted at the next attempt.
Is that why I really have to call it that without compromise that way?:


I'm very much experimenting in skinning with different artwork types and now i try a lot with multiimages.
Until now I use the function ListItem.Path with folder with different artwork types in it (extraposter, extrakeyart, extracharacterart)

                <control type="multiimage">           
                <imagepath background="true">$INFO[ListItem.Path,,folderpath/]</imagepath>

I am well aware that in kodi when I scroll through the movies, each time a ListItem.Path (multiimage) is set, the folders are accessed and accessed again. I am currently using my system only locally and notice that it is already losing performance. If I would switch to NAS/SERVER this would be inconceivable. My current project is therefore currently to kick out all ListItem.Path and make all files accessable via ArtworkBeef. The goal should be that the hard drive is accessed only when a movie is played.

The following picture looks pretty messy, but am I on the right track? and/or is this the only way to get to my goal?

Here is a example what it should look like in the skin:
(And yes I know, it looks very playful and exaggerated)

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